The technique of fusing glass can be traced back more than 4,000 years. It was a process used by Phoenicians to create pieces for function, then art. Today, Jones Glassworks uses the same process to create beautiful one-of-a kind pieces for art, then function.

In the fusing process, glass is heated in high temperature kilns where it can be formed and textured. Often the piece is then put into a mold where it is fired a second time and slumped to get its shape. During each process, the glass must be slowly cooled back to room temperature.

This annealing technique relieves stress in the glass. The process is labor intensive, but results in a creation that has unique strength and beauty.

At Jones Glassworks, we design and produce everything from platters, bowls and tables, to windows, sinks and lighting.  Hand-crafting every piece allows each one to exhibit a unique pattern of color and surface texture.